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Renewal Line

This line is for those of you looking to bring good vibes to your space or simply the feeling of starting anew. This line is special because it includes some of the first scents we created. Life is built on firsts and the lessons learned from those firsts. But it is also built on the opportunity of trying again when things do not go well and creating better outcomes for oneself. 


Hand poured

Every candle is slowly hand poured and left to cool in a controlled environment for at least 24hrs to allow the wax to adhere to the glass and prevent bubling or frosting.

Our eco-friendly wood wick allows for a clean, long lasting burn! Wood wicks distribute heat more evenly into the wax and pushes up to 35% more fragance than regular cotton wicks.



A little inspiration

All orders come with a branded, reusable hand-crafted string bag and a set of matches with an inspirational quote to brighten your day!