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Our Story

Xo-Chill Creations began with one intention - do more of what makes you happy!  

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved crafting. The process of bringing an idea to life is simply a fascinating one, especially when it is something that fills a space with joy. I remember fondly sitting with my aunt who would teach me embroidery. We would start with blank fabric, rolls of thread, needles and embroidery hoops. With time, we would have made these beautiful tablecloth and pillow cases which we would use to bring color to our house! In school I had the most fun putting together science and history projects using crafts. As a grown up, exercising my creative outlet to bring a smile to those around me has been amongst the most rewarding parts of my job. I indulged in that wonderful feeling, somewhere along the way it became more about the work than the about the thing that brought me joy.

Don't get me wrong - I absolutely love my career, the humans I work with and for. However, that had become my bubble, my only fountain of happiness. My routine became wake up, work 12-15 hr shifts, use unhealthy habits to unwind, and do it all over again. Soon enough I had allowed those unhealthy habits to drag me down to an isolated dark hole. Fortunately, with the support of my loved ones I was able to crawl back from that hole, and in that process reignite my passion for crafting. Since then, I have been able to bring back a happy part of me and connect with others in meaningful ways. 


It was with a line of candles that we began sharing our journey and trying to bring a LITtle Peace of Mind to others. Now we hope that we can sprinkle love, joy and encourage others to practice the things that make them happy through a variety of crafts.



We strive to put positivity out in the world by creating a thoughtful and accessible product that brings you and your loved ones joy! 


To serve as an outlet for mental health awareness by inspiring others to do more of what makes them happy and be a source of positivity in our community.

Decorative Papers
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