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Eco-Friendly Candles

Coconut, SOY &
Beeswax blend


Coconut non-toxic wax that provides a relaxing rich white texture and clean burn that makes our candle last up to 50% more than traditional ones. Coconut wax produces little to no soot, making this an eco-conscious option.  A touch of paraffin improves the scent throw throughout your space without overwhelming those with fragrance sensitivity.   

eco-friendly wax

Coconut & paraffin blend

Coconut is a non-toxic wax that provides a smooth and natural texture. Soy wax, a product of soybean, increases the melting point to add some rigidity to the soft coconut wax and help it last longer. Beeswax, produced naturally by bees during their hive-making routines, gives our candle a nice honey-color. The combination of these natural sources makes this product one of the most eco-friendly options in the market.


Hand poured

Every candle is slowly hand poured and left to cool in a controlled environment for at least 24hrs to allow the wax to adhere to the glass and prevent bubling or frosting.



Our eco-friendly wood wick allows for a clean, long lasting burn! Wood wicks distribute heat more evenly into the wax and pushes up to 35% more fragrance than regular cotton wicks.

Candle with Matches.jpg

A little inspiration

All orders come with a branded, reusable hand-crafted string bag and a set of matches with an inspirational quote to brighten your day!


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